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Shanguy was born from a meeting between italian dj NRD1 and the indie/pop singers Eon Melka and Frank-O, united on a whim in 2017. “La Louze” is their debut single that literally conquered Europe, reaching #1 iTunes Russia, #1 France, #1 Poland, Top 5 Italy, Top 50 Shazam World, #10 Shazam Dance World, #1 Shazam Future Hits Italy and Spotify Viral charts in France, Poland Italy and Norway.

It’s time now for the official remix pack of “La Louze”, composed of five official and unique remixes respectively produced by italian djs and producers Djs From Mars, Hiisak, Usai, Salasnich, Gian Nobilee & Pøp Cultur!

The original single, which passed 10 million views on YouTube official music and lyric video and over 2 million streaming plays on Spotify, is a unique mix between French and English on the theme of the "Louze", a typical french loser spirit!